How do Bloggers Make Money?

If you don’t know much about digital marketing and eCommerce, you might be wondering how bloggers make money. After all, all they do is write about a variety of subjects and some of them don’t even seem to be selling anything. There are even sites that have absolutely no ads and have been in operation for years. But there are so many different ways to earn money through a blog, and some of them might be very subtle. Let’s take a look at a few ways bloggers make money through their blogs.

Offering Services

Some people use their blogs as a way to attract clientele for their services. These might be consultants, professionals like tax accountants or lawyers, or coaches. They can showcase their expertise through their content and get tons of organic traffic through search engines. They can then subtly or aggressively sell their services to visitors.

Selling Books and eBooks

Another way that bloggers can make money is by selling eBooks or physical books. You could also sell audiobooks. Again, bloggers will use their blogs to show their expertise and will sell their books when they’ve gained some sort of recognition and a sizable audience. Some people have even been able to transition from blogging to full-fledged author careers.

And, if you think releasing your eBook or physical book is too much work, think again. Many bloggers outsource the work to a ghostwriter and only provide their insight. They then review drafts and make corrections if needed. You could also easily write and publish an eBook by breaking it down into multiple sections. You could then send your manuscript to a third party who can edit, compile it, and create a nice cover for you. You can then start selling it to people on your site.

Special Deals

Another way that bloggers can make money is by offering special deals. They can offer a coupon code after speaking about a product in a blog post or have a coupons and deals section. All you need to create a coupon section is the right plugin. is one plug-in you could try if you want to use this monetization method. If you want to take a closer look at it, you can download it on this site.

Email Marketing

One of the most discreet ways to make money with blogging is through email marketing, but it’s also one of the most potentially powerful ones. When you go to a major blog, you’ll often notice a pop-up offering you some kind of report in exchange for your email address. The goal of this is to get your contact information. Once the blogger has you on their list, they can send all sorts of deals through emails, including affiliate links. If you have a large audience, one email could generate thousands in sales. This is why it is so powerful, and why every blogger should consider using this monetization method.

These are all ways that you can extract revenue from a blog. Know that you can use multiple of these methods at once and there are many other ways to make money through blogging, so look at all your options.

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